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The Concept

Every market has it's own rhythm and each day as more information is added, the rhythm evolves.

This is a daily chart from U.S. Treasury Bond 30 Year Yield
or (^TYX) - Charted 3/6/2011

From this information projection arcs can be calculated by first choosing
a starting point and allowing the proprietary program to search for those projections.
The results are then displayed using a randomized brush width and color choice.


But what would happen if the program were allowed
to find all of the available arcs from the data it has?

(This is the result)

The underlying market graph is no longer represented in the graphic,
it has become something else.

Maybe a Bird

Or a Tree


A Fish

Or a person dancing.

And as the positioning can be changed, so can the color combinations.

Also the size of the brush strokes randomly change
never reproducing the same picture twice.

From one captured moment in time many different perspectives
of the same information can be made.

All of these pictures were created by some underlying force(s) in the market(s)
That force is the price of any stock, commodity or market; represented
by the black line running through the middle of the graphic

This is  “The Art of Markets

It's not only colorful - it shows one where the possible turning points in the market could be.
The Art of Markets
  reflects the supply and demand curve of any market at any time.

The arcs are created by the participants in the market and are represented
by their expectations of the future price of that market

This is a Monthly chart of ^TYX or U.S. Treasury Bond 30 Year Yield.

Charted 3/8/2011

This is a Weekly chart of ^TYX or U.S. Treasury Bond 30 Year Yield.

Charted 3/8/2011

This is a Daily chart of ^TYX or U.S. Treasury Bond 30 Year Yield.

Charted 3/8/2011

We're not telling you where the market's going , but the arcs will!

Arc Concept, Math and Logic Created by Lee Kus

And a special thanks to Linda Casol Turner for teaching me how to work with market data.

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