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The Art of Markets

How is the art created?

 We take price data from the markets
Apply a special formula
provided by Nature, 
Modus Indorum (Fibonacci theory)
A bit of modern day computer programming and finally
use parabolic projections to see where the prices will be in the future.

(More information about parabolic projections available here) Then we let our TAOM computer randonly color and (mostly) choose the brush strokes.

 Art of the Stock Markets

Art of Stocks including ticker symbols - AA, AEL, AXP, BA, BAC, CSCO, CVX, IBM, JNJ, JPM, KO, MCD, MMM, NTRS, PEP, T, UTX, VZ, WTSLA

Art of Funds - Mutual and ETFs

Art from the Mutual Fund and Electronically Traded Fund (ETF) markets including symbols SPY, FXE, EUR=X and GLD

Custom Market Art

We can take almost any market from around the world with a ticker symbol and create art from it. Here are some examples for you to enjoy. If you would like customized piece for gift or yourself, please contact us for pricing.

Art of Economic Indicators

Monthly U.S. Home Prices through 3/1/2011