About The Art

A guide to how is the art created?

The following example uses the ticker symbol AAPL


First we take data and chart it through time (graph above).

Next we look for a low or high point in the chart that might give us
enough information to make a projection.

If there are projections that exist they are displayed in blue (below).
The red portions of the lines (below) represent how much data
was used to make the projections.

The result is a chart that shows where and when the data might be in the future.

Did you say projections into the future? Yes
The software projects into the future.
see the disclaimer

(I am not financial adviser or consultant so by law I can not say the
projections actually work and that a market is going to
 a specific
price at a specific time.
What I can do is show the results the
computer algorithm graphically so you can judge for yourself.) 

Then we have some fun!

We use random computer generated brush strokes.

Computer selected random colors.

 and get

The Art of Markets!

And here is where the market went.
Judge for yourself.

 AAPL on 6/15/2011We can display the art in many different ways

We're not telling you where the market's going , but the arcs will!

Arc Concept, Math and Logic Created by Lee Kus

And a special thanks to Linda Casol Turner for teaching me how to work with market data.