1. What are Projections (Arcs) and what do they do?

Parabolic Projections are the result of using a proprietary piece of software
that projects where a market or any data could be at a specific time in the future.

To create a projection with the software one must choose a probable place
where a parabola may exist such as a low or high point in a chart. Then we let
the software show us if there are any possible parabolic projections (arcs) exist.
It is these projections that make up the art.

2. What is a Ticker Symbol?

Ticker symbols are a system of letters and possibly numbers used by the markets
to uniquely identify a publicly traded instrument such as a stock, commodity, future,
bond or mutual fund.

3. Where do you get the data for the art?

Daily,Weekly and Monthly price data from Yahoo Finance is where most of the data
comes from. With economic indicators and custom art pieces the data comes from
other websites or from you.